Mina Popat – Trustee

I believe that blessed opportunities are gifted to one quite rarely. For a long time my life has been twofold. Firstly, as a daughter, sister and friend and secondly, a life of unfolding spiritual journey and purpose. Growing up in a Vaishnav parivaar and observing Seva done by my dear departed mother planted the seed of spiritual learning. In 2004, my dear mother’s wish of sponsoring a Saptah in Champaran and being part of this made me eager to learn more. Hearing the experiences about the Saptah recited by Jejejshree in Baroda in 2006 piqued my interest and later the blessed meeting of Jejeshree with Pramodbhai, in London resulted in awakening my desire to host Shrimad Bhagwad Saptah in the presence of our own Guru Archarayashree Dwarkeshlalji Mahodayshree in 2011. The enthralling Vani of Jeje Shree during these seven days were not only enjoyed by UK Vaishnav’s but many more worldwide through Aastha TV for the first time. The attendance and immense interest of the UK vaishnav’s during this Saptah demonstrated a need for a Pushtimarg Haveli in London and became Jeje Shree’s vision. It was an honour and a privilege to be granted permission to be Manorathi Parivaar and sponsor Thakorji Swaroop for the Leicester Haveli. Soon after, with Jeje’s agya I became part of VSUK and I continue this journey to serve Hari,Guru and Vaishnavs from all over the world and learn from these divine experiences.With Jejeshree’s Marg Darshan and Thakorji’s Krupa, the UK Vaishnav’s are truly blessed to have the first ever Pushti haveli – ”Shrinathdham Haveli” in London. It is an honour, for us all, to be able to have Darshna of Shree Thakorji and experience the pilgrimage of a lifetime in London. Inspired by our of Acharyashree, many generous individuals from the community have contributed greatly through their personal presence, intellect and monetary support over the years for London to have its own Haveli. With Jejeshree’s divine guidance and encouragement of our efforts we were able to achieve this vision. My humble request to Jejeshree to always keep showering his blessings upon us and to guide us towards contentment, Devine joy and spiritual fulfilment through your teachings.We wish Jejejshree Khub Khub Vadhai on the opening of Shrinathdham Haveli in London. Lastly Khub Khub Vadhai to the Trustees, committee members and fellow Vaishanavs for their continued support.

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